Nov 06 2013

CHOReOS Final Revue, November 6, Brussels

After three years of intense R&D activity, over a dozen meetings, thousands of mails and 6400 lines of code, the CHOReOS project reaches its final revue on November 6, 2013, in Brussels. 


Oct 07 2013

CHOReOS at Open World Forum Paris October 3-5 2013

CHOReOS was showcased on the OW2/OpenStack booth at this year's Open World Forum, held October 3-5 in Paris Montrouge.

This event marked the first public showing of the CHOReOS video.  As shown in the pictures below, the CHOReOS architecture poster was on display as well. Combined together, video and poster are a great help to deliver efficient communication on the project. 


Sep 16 2013

PTC13 Meeting, INRIA Rocquencourt, 16-18 Sept, 2013

This meeting will give the opportunity to check the use case scenarios for the review and then to work on the deliverables to provide. The PTC will also be complemented with 2 parallel activities : a code camp for the use cases and a “doc” camp for the last deliverables.

To join PTC13 meeting, at INRIA Rocquencourt, please check how to reach us. ...

Jul 09 2013

PTC12 Meeting, City University London, July 9-11, 2013

The joint MPC/PTC12 Meeting, July 9-11, 2013, is hosted by City University LondonThis is both a project meeting and a code camp. The meeting itself will be short (exactly from Tuesday noon to Wednesday afternoon) because the goal is to favor the code camp. This code camp could be in parallel of plenary sessions and can start before and stop after the meeting.  


Jul 03 2013

fisl, July 3-6, 2013, Porto Alegre, Brazil 

fisl "Free Software Livre Conference"

July 3-6, 2013

Porto Alegre, Brazil

CHOReOS will be presented during fisl 2013 by Carlos Eduardo Moreira dos Santos from University Sao Paulo.

See more about fisl.

Jun 18 2013

Innovative City Convention, June 18-19, 2013, Nice, France

INRIA, CHOReOS and OW2 FISSi will be presented during the 2nd edition of Innovative City Convention, in Nice, June 18-19. Valérie Issarny (INRIA) presentation will be about "Co-create with users the digital services of the city of tomorrow"

Date: June 18, 10:30-12:30

Room: Salle Galliéni 4

Please click here to check all speakers, conferences and to register. More photos on OW2 ICC 2013 page.



May 28 2013

Solutions Linux 2013, May 28-29, Paris, France

Solutions Linux

May 28-29, 2013

Paris (CNIT), Frane

CHOReOS was presented at Solutions Linux 2013 in the framework of OW2 presence at the show and in the conferences. ...

CHOReOS and FISSi at IndustryDays

CHOReOS and FISSi were presented by Pierre Chatel at the Embedded Day of the Industry Days event.  The Embedded Day is dedicated to embedded and connected software and systems. It provided the opportunity to introduce CHOReOS and FISSi in an open presentation and in a number of face to face meetings with systems integrators, software vendors, journalists and representatives of local development agencies. 


May 07 2013

Pre FIA Workshop, May 7, Dublin, Ireland

CHOReOS proposes a workshop for the Pre-FIA (Future Internet Assembly) to be held in Dublin, Ireland, May 7th.

The FIA will take place on May 8th to 9th.

"Sustaining Service-Oriented Computing in the Future Internet"

Workshop Date: May 7, full day.

Download the FISSi Presentation (pdf).

Other Projects involved:FI-WARE, CONNECT, NESSOS, ANIKETOS

Please click here to see more and register.


CHOReOS Workshop Abtract: The dramatic growth and evolution of the Internet in all its dimensions including certainly its size but also its heterogeneity and usage, keep challenging supporting technologies. The Future Internet concept magnifies the required shift for Internet technologies, which shall allow supporting the continuously growing scale of the converging networking world together with new generations of services made available to and brought by the plethora of end users.

While Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) introduces convenient paradigms for developing applications to be deployed in the Future Internet, enabling technologies need to drastically evolve to face the challenges that are posed. It is further a critical requirement that service-oriented systems developed for and in the Future Internet meet the expected level of quality, and especially security considering the openness and dynamics of the networking environment.

The SOCFI workshop aims at discussing together latest advances made by FP7 projects on developing innovative technologies, from software development tools to middleware, sustaining service-oriented computing in the Future Internet. The objective is to investigate possible integration of the technologies, including possible impact on the Fi-Ware architecture, which is among the flagship architectures supporting Future Internet applications.

The workshop already involves a number of FP7 projects, while the workshop will be broadly advertised to hopefully be attended by more S&T projects investigating software solutions for the Future Internet. ...

Apr 22 2013

PTC11 Meeting, April 22-24 2013

The joint PTC11 Meeting, April 22-24 2013 meeting is hosted by CNR in Marsala, Sicily, April 22-24, 2013. Lasting three days, the first session is to start at 2pm on Monday April 22, and the last meeting to finish at 2pm on Wednesday April 24. The sessions will focus on mainly on defining the final tasks toward full completion of the project by October, 2013. As @NeilMaiden says "Sun is shining but like all computer scientists, we squeeze into a small dark room" (!)