The CHOReOS Interviews

Every few months an interview with one of the prominent leaders of the CHOReOS project, discussing in greater depth the 'how' and 'why' of this fascinating project, will be published here.

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Current interviews

February 2013: George Veranis is part of the R&D department of MLS, Thessaloniki, Greece.

"CHOReOS platform has the potential to become the basis for the development of new consumer habits and radically change the way we conduct everyday transactions as we know today"

January 2013: Maira Leščevica is Professor at SSII (Socio-technical Systems Engineering Institute) VIA, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, in Latvia.

"CHOReOS project gives us possibilities to validate our assumptions and methodologies of system dynamics simulation use for new products and technologies sustainability assessment"

December 2012: Gianmarco Panza is a Senior Specialist Researcher at CEFRIEL, Italy.

"Our Adaptive Customer Relationship Booster use case demonstrates the potential rewards of choreographies in extremely dynamic interactions with customers in B2B and B2C adaptive, content-aware and context-aware scenarios"

November 2012: Neil Maiden is Professor of Systems Engineering, Head of the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design and academic lead of the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at City University London.

"Looking at the CHOReOS project from a meta level, where we align a services-oriented system in a dynamic context"

October 2012: Paola Inverardi,  CHOReOS Work Package 2 Leader, and newly elected Director of the Department of Engineering, Information Sciences and Mathematics at Universita degli Studi - L' Aquila, (Italy).

"Users first express their goals and then let CHOReOS build a choreography of services whose cooperation allows them to reach their goals"

August 2012: Prof. Apostolos Zarras, University of Ioannina (Greece).

"Proposing methods and developing tools to reverse-engineer service abstractions from the vast amount of concrete services that are available in the Net"

June 2012: Antonia Bertolino, Research Director of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), Pisa

"Targeting scalable solutions for the ultra-large scale challenges of Future Internet choreographies"

April 2012: Jean-Pierre Lorré, Research Manager, Linagora

"Developing the middleware to support ultra-large scale service oriented architectures"

October 2011: Darius Silingas, NoMagic

"Model-Driven Software Engineering for Large Scale SOA"

June 2011: Prof. Fabio Kon, University of São Paulo

"Assessing the scalability of complex distributed systems on the Internet"

March 2011: Dr. Valérie Issarny, INRIA, CHOReOS project scientific leader

"The concept of choreography has returned to the forefront of computing once again"

October 2010: Hugues Vincent, Thales, CHOReOS project leader

"We address the challenges of the future Internet of Services"

Press Articles

September 2013: Olivier Bouzereau article about Internet of Things, from connected boulevard to smart cities.

published in the French monthly magazine Solutions IT & Logiciels #41