CHOReOS Integrated Development and Runtime Environment

What is the CHOReOS IDRE ?

The CHOReOS IDRE stands for the CHOReOS Integrated Development and Runtime Environment. The IDRE concentrates all the results realized within the project into a common integrated platform. This platform is centered around the implementation and the enactment of ultra large scaled choreographies of services. This documentation section provides admins, developers and end users with all information required to develop and deploy successful projects with CHOReOS. Downloadable PDF versions of all docs are available to all CHOReOS community members.
Hereafter, we present the CHOReOS IDRE main systems:
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1- CHOReOS Development EnvironmentProvides the needed functionality for capturing the user needs and for synthesizing the expected outcome into choreographies ready to be deployed and composed thanks to the CHOReOS Runtime Environment.
2- Executable Service CompositionProvides the needed infrastructure for the enactment of the choreography on top of the middleware.
3- Extensible Service Discovery Provides service discovery mechanisms based on a multi-protocol service base.
4- Extensible Service AccessRelies on the Enterprise Service Bus technology to provide the backbone implementation of the services and choregraphies runtime environment.
5- Cloud MiddlewareLeverages the cloud capabilities by abstracting the access and deployment on the provided hardware infrastructure.
6- Grid MiddlewareOffers computational infrastructures to the processing of large quantities of data.
7- The Governance and Verification and Validation FrameworkProvides the necessary testing and validation strategies to assess services involved in large choreographies.
8- The CHOReOS Monitoring FrameworkProvides an event based integrated monitoring layer enabling both non functional services and cloud resources assessment.

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