Related Projects


Active support and reaL time coordination based on Event pRocessing in FLOSS developmenT

ALERT is an Open Source project that aims to improve the overall bug resolution process in Open Source developers' collaborative environments. ALERT system provides methods and tools to improve the coordination among collaborative as well as distributed virtual teams developing software in Open Source communities and in software development companies.


OCEAN - Open Cloud for Europe, JApan and beyoNd

A two-year project launched in October 2012, OCEAN will contribute to the emergence of a sustainable open cloud business ecosystem.


SEQUOIA Support Action

SEQUOIA aims to support research projects in maximising their socio-economic impact through the application of a self-assessment methodology that the projects will be able to adopt and apply on their own.


ANIKETOS - Ensuring trustwhorthiness and security in service composition

The ANIKETOS project has the aim to provide service developers and providers with a secure service development framework that includes methods, tools and security services that supports the design-time creation and run-time composition of secure dynamic services, where both the services and the threats are evolving.